Fall Tid-Bits

Deanna Rubano

October 27, 2016

Happy Fall!


As we aproach the last quarter of 2016, we wanted to remind our clients of a few miscellaneous tid-bits to keep in mind for end-of-year tax planning.

 Now is the perfect time of year to schedule your year-end tax planning or go over your tax withholdings with Ron or Crysta.   Just call our office to schedule your appointment at: 480-838-7714.

 We have posted an information packet to our website with the information you’ll need if you wish to donate to the Arizona Tax Credits.   Arizona law allows you to REDIRECT your state tax liability to qualifying organizations which would include public schools, private schools, military, foster children/agencies & the Working Poor.  We have listed a chart with the credits and amounts allowed and if you don’t have a preference, we have included some of our recommended charities.  You can find this at: under Resource Center.

 Last year, we were lucky to meet a local family who had adopted 5 very special needs children.  These girls  first attended public school and then attempted a private school but their needs were more specialized than what they were receiving.  When the family discovered New Way Academy in Phoenix, a special needs school,  they realized that this was the learning environment that meets the individual academic needs of their children.  Today, 3 of their children attend with hopes of all 5 attending soon.  AccuPro Accounting has adopted this family as ours and would encourage you to donate your Private School Arizona Tax Credit to this family if you don’t already have a charity chosen.  You’ll find more information on our website in the Arizona Tax Credit Package under Client Resources.

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