Use our year-end checklist to stay ahead of your accounting tasks this holiday season

Carly Swanson

December 2, 2019

With 2019 quickly coming to a close and 2020 swiftly approaching, it’s that time of year to remind you of year-end items that may require your action.

By 12/10/19:

-          Complete any company vehicle mileage logs. For a mileage sheet, contact our office.

-          Submit accounting records to us for any year-end planning.

-          Submit accounting through September to avoid increased accounting fees.

-          On any employee bonuses, withhold 22% federal withholding.

By 12/31/19:

-          Complete a mileage sheet if you are a sole proprietor.

-          Take an inventory count and valuation at your cost. (if applicable)

By 01/15/20:

-          Submit accounting through December 31st including;

o   QB accountants copy with cut-off date of 12/31. (if applicable)

o   Bank/credit card/loan statements.

o   Completed mileage sheets.

o   Updated information for employees. (i.e. address/name changes)

o   A list of depreciable assets disposed or sold. Include the date it left your possession and the sales price. (if applicable)

o   New/updated W-9’s from vendors

But wait, there’s more! Click here for further detail on the above items, a list of 2020 highlights and general reminders for business owners.

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