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An Ethical Will: The Invaluable Asset

If you want to leave behind something of sentiment for your loved ones, many will cherish an ethical will far more than an inheritance. As important as it is to create a legal, enforceable will, sharing your values, beliefs and life experiences has proven to be priceless.

Family members want to hear your stories, your challenges, and core values:

My grandmother was 86 when she passed. There were so many areas of her life we never discussed. I would love to have learned more of her life story and hear it from her perspective. Oh, how I’d wished she’d share that with me, as her life, experiences and values are worth more than any amount of money.”

The beauty of an ethical will is its’ simplicity. Just place your thoughts on paper and share your life, your love and your wisdom. Describe your family history, offer advice to help your kids in your absence, express sorrows and apologies or tell the stories behind the tangible items you do leave them. And like any estate plan, there is no one and done.  As life progresses, keep your ethical will up to date, and continue to pass along your life story. Your family will be grateful for your invaluable gift.