Holiday Stress Tips

Deanna Rubano

December 15, 2016

Keep the Holidays Merry with These Simple Stress Relievers

The holiday season can be wonderful, but they can also be one of the most stressful times of the
year. Fortunately, the experts at Psychology Today also offer these simple stress relievers to put
the joy back in this special time of year:

1. Take a time-out. Time-outs aren’t just for toddlers who have a tantrum. In fact, rather than
being a punishment time-outs (a.k.a. quick relaxation breaks) can be a positive addition to
calming adults with frenetic schedules. So, when you feel overwhelmed during the day, do one to
five minutes of a relaxing activity to restore your sense of calm.

2. Opt for optimism. If you find yourself getting annoyed with friends or family over the
holidays, try to shift your negative thoughts to positive ones. This can help you view the situation
at hand with gratitude instead.

3. Fit in fitness. Even if you are tight on time, squeeze some exercise into your schedule. You
will feel better and calmer if you get your body moving. Even just a 20 minute walk once a day
will help you keep stress at bay.

4. Eat smart. Okay, easier said than done this time of year, but if you make a concerted effort to
control your portions and balance your diet, you will avoid sugar crashes and the other negative
effects of overdoing it on holiday treats. This will not only help to stabilize your mood, but it will
keep your energy up, too.

5. Make a ‘to-do’ list—then cut it. Writing down all that you have to do during the holidays
can be overwhelming, but it can also help you realize how do-able your tasks are. Be realistic as
to what you put on your lists. Then lighten your load by cutting items that are not absolutely

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by economic and social pressures to live up to unrealistic
expectations for what you are supposed to do, give and feel during the holidays. Use the tips
above to help you beat seasonal stress and truly enjoy this special time of year.

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