Keeping Up with Technology

Deanna Rubano

February 15, 2018

Keeping Up with Technology

With the 2017 tax season in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to update our clients on some of the projects we’ve been working on and share with you a few exciting changes we’re making.

 1.     Making your information more secure – We attended many conferences since the fall of 2017 and one thing resonated repeatedly…security.  Whether it’s our client’s personal information or our own, how should we best secure our information?  We took what we learned and incorporated a more secure way of sending or receiving sensitive information by using a program called ShareFile.   ShareFile uses 256-bit SSL AES encryption.   ShareFile is easy to use.  You can send us documents securely via our website at: and under the tab Client Center, click ShareFile.  You will need to enter your name and email address and choose which staff member you would like to send files to.   Another way to send us secure data is through our emails.  At the bottom of our signatures is a link “Click here to upload secure files” where you enter your name and email address again and attach your documents.  It’s that easy!

2.     We have also strengthened our network at AccuPro Advisors by upgrading equipment, continuing staff training and implementing 2-factor authentication on all our pc’s.  

3.     You’ve asked, we’ve listened – for the 2017 tax season, we have the ability to send your signature documents (i.e. 8879’s) electronically for signature for those clients who request it.  Please let our office know if you’d like to have your signature docs sent to you for electronic signature and we will be happy to do so.  For the 2018 tax season we hope to have this functionality incorporated for all our clients.

4.     Time management – we are constantly looking at ways to simplify our client experience which is why we are excited to announce the availability to video conference us with Zoom.    It’s free and easy to use.   You do not have to have an in-person meeting with us if it’s more convenient to video conference us instead.  This technology enables us to communicate with our out of town clients in the same way as a face to face meeting would and we are receiving positive feedback!

5.     Satisfaction surveys – We would love to hear if we are meeting our client’s expectations and if there are areas which we could improve.  We are using Survey Monkey to send each of our clients a brief questionnaire after their tax returns are complete.  Please take the time to let us know how we are doing!  We look forward to your feedback.

 Remember, now that we have more secure methods of sharing sensitive information, we can no longer accept USB drives with client data on them.  We encourage our clients to use our website and/or the links at the bottom of our emails. 

 We would love to share with our clients some of the more important things you can do to protect your own information at home  and in your businesses so please make sure to ask us!    

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