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Amusement park trivia...

Looking for some amusement park facts to impress of stump your friends and family? Keep these trivia questions handy to show your smarts and score some intelligence points.

Q: What word is used most often in amusement park names?  

A: Fun 

Q: Which 1920s film actor was a stilt-walker at Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park? 

A: Cary Grant

Q: What city was Walt Disney rumored to have almost built Walt Disney World in?

A: St. Louis, Missouri

Q: What was the first ride at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, and when did it make its debut?

A: A small, used carousel in 1908

Q: Who owned Dollywood before Dolly Parton?

A: Former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell 

Q: Which European amusement park is said to have served as Walt Disney’s inspiration for his parks? 

A: Tivoli Gardens in Denmark

Q: Which theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana is the first-ever themed park?

A: Santa Claus Land (today it’s called Holiday World)

Q: What was SeaWorld before it was a theme park?

A: A marine-themed restaurant with a show 

Q: Which theme park is home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

A: Universal Studios Park in Orlando, Florida

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